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Caring for someone can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often involving a lot of admin and coordination. It can be easy to forget important

Discounts For Carers

Discounts for Carers is a dedicated service that connects carers, both unpaid and working in the care sector, to money-saving discounts for large brands. Regardless

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Join us for a wonderful Carers Christmas Celebration on Wednesday 13th December at Portswood Church, Opposite Waitrose! Catch up with

Join Unpaid Carers Support team members Laura and Jagpal at MAST Mayflower Studios Café and Bar on Wednesday lunchtimes in

You spoke, we listened! We’re delighted to announce that following the success of our one-off singing session in June, MAST


unpaid carers reached throughout 2021


Carers received 1to1 Wellbeing Support in 2021


attended our information & learning events in 2022

Carers stories

Linda’s Story

Linda cares for her Mother with dementia. I care for my elderly mum who has dementia.  It is so sad seeing how confused and scared

Nick in a green field who is a carer for his son with bipolar

Nick’s Story

Nick discusses caring for his Adult son, Kevin, who has bipolar. Caring for my son  Kevin experienced his first manic episode about 5 years ago

Theo’s Story

Theo, 22, cares for his disabled Mother whilst studying. My name is Theo, I’m 22 and would like to be a Human Rights lawyer. I

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