Nick’s Story

Nick in a green field who is a carer for his son with bipolar

Nick discusses caring for his Adult son, Kevin, who has bipolar.

Caring for my son

 Kevin experienced his first manic episode about 5 years ago and I have cared for him since then.

 He was a regular user of recreational drugs from around the age of 21.  I thought this was likely to be a phase but after an attempted suicide attempt, I knew this was more serious. Kevin attended a psychiatric hospital for 4 weeks, and I’ve cared for him ever since he was discharged.

Managing his needs as well as mine

It was a very difficult time and still is, really. Kevin is 26 now and I visit him 6 days a week. I prepare his meals and manage all of his bills like his mobile, gas & electric. He calls me around twice a week with suicidal thoughts and that is the thing I find most difficult. Dealing with that often leads me to feel unwell and depressed. 

That’s often the time I turn to Unpaid Carers Support. I found them through Facebook. They have drop-in coffee mornings that are close to where I live, and I really enjoy their Carers Lunch.

“It’s so important that as carers, we try to find time for ourselves too.”

Speaking to their support staff has enabled me to access counselling sessions myself, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with other carers. I feel a lot less alone now. 

Unpaid Carers Support really are there to help and are just a phone call away.

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