A service called the 2-Hour Urgent Community Response (UCR) service aims to help if the person you care for has a crisis of some kind, by providing support at home, avoiding the need to go to hospital.

The team which comprises of GPs, nurses and social care practitioners can carry out assessments, order tests/equipment, diagnose and prescribe medications. They will work together to keep the person you care for safe at home.

What situations would I use the service?

Ideally, you have a plan in place for emergencies already. However, if it looks like this plan is not going to work and you think it’s likely they need to be admitted to hospital, unless they are seen by a medical professional within two hours, then call 111, or contact your GP practice, in order to get the Urgent Community Response service.

Situation examples

Examples include: if the person you care for needs urgent catheter care, they have become very confused, are severely dehydrated, require urgent support for diabetes, or if there’s a sudden deterioration in their frailty or mobility.

Find NHS guidelines about the service here: