Free access to Carers UK Jointly app

Free access to Carers UK Jointly app

Known as Jointly, Carers UK have developed an app which offers carers a central place to store and share important information about the person they are caring for.

Jointly can be used to set up appointments, allocate tasks, save files and notes, manage medication, and lots more. Access to this Jointly App is free for unpaid carers and further information can be found at

red Jointly app with Carers UK logo

The App is hosted by Carers UK and provides a tool for carers to create:

  • a central online store of information about a person who is being cared for.
  • people in the carer’s support system can stay connected.
  • The App provides support to ‘circles’ of carers and supports :
  • Registering with your GP (and eligibility for flu, health checks, etc)
  • Contingency Planning
  • Young Carer Top Tips

A free access code for carers who are registered with us can be obtained from our service by emailing us on or calling 02380 832253

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