Theo’s Story

Theo, 22, cares for his disabled Mother whilst studying.

My name is Theo, I’m 22 and would like to be a Human Rights lawyer. I went back to college at 20 and am studying to get the grades I need to begin a law degree at University.

I’ve been caring for a very long time, for as long as I can remember really. I guess it’s a way of life now.

My Day to Day

I care for my mum, Julie, who has a lot of issues physically. She was involved in a car accident when I was about 5 and lost her leg, as well as some long term damage to her pelvis. This makes it really hard for her to move about.

“Living and caring for Mum, I’ve really seen how difficult it can be for disabled people to get about. They don’t seem to have the same opportunities as the rest of us and that’s what’s driven my passion for law and human rights. I want to make a difference.”

Growing up I suppose I felt like life was against me. I had to do a lot for Mum since it was just her and I, so I wasn’t always out doing what kids normally do. I felt depressed for a while, but I’d do anything for my Mum.

Help from Unpaid Carers Support

Carers in Southampton have helped me get to where I am today. I use my carer’s card wherever I’m out with Mum, and it means I’ve had a couple of mornings out at local cafés thanks to the discount it provides in some places.

 Carers in Southampton have also signposted me to organisations that can help Mum with the stuff that I usually do whilst I study for my degree once my A levels are complete. I know it’s important that I still have ambitions and I really want to make her proud.

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