Landlines are changing! What you need to know.

Landlines are changing! What you need to know.

The UK’s telephone network is being upgraded from analogue to digital, which means landline services are changing. You can still have a landline in your home and the same telephone number – so for most, switching over will be straightforward. However, those without broadband, might need support or new equipment to adapt to these changes.

When will these changes happen?

The plan is by December 2025 most landlines will have moved to the digital network. For some people this is already happening. Providers will contact you ahead of the change so you know when they’ll be making the switch to a digital landline. 

How might this effect carers directly?

If you or your cared for uses a telecare device, personal alarm or similar that is connected to analogue phone line, it would be useful to let your telephone provider know about this in advance. It will make the process more seamless, if you have any equipment that needs updating to work with the new digital landline.

What does this mean for me?

BT is rolling out its programme on a region-by-region basis. However, they aren’t currently switching certain groups – if they’re aware of your circumstances. These groups are as follows:

  • people aged 75 and over
  • people who have disclosed any additional needs
  • people who only have a landline (and not broadband)
  • people with telecare alarms
  • people with no mobile signal at home.

If you would like more help, or to learn more on these changes, please contact Age UK 023 8036 8636, and let your telephone provider know about your circumstances.

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