Let’s get gas and electricity bills off your mind.

Let’s get gas and electricity bills off your mind.

If you rely on electricity for medical equipment, are worried about paying gas and electricity bills or your health is affected by the cold, specialist help is available from the Environment Centre (tEC), a local charity based here in Southampton.

How they help

The Environment Centre (tEC) delivers Southampton Healthy Homes, the city’s affordable warmth service funded by Southampton City Council. The service has already helped thousands of people across the city assess their home energy set up and check the accuracy of their gas and electricity bills. They also help you apply for bill discounts and access funding for new heating systems and insulation measures that make homes more energy efficient.

Some of tEC’s clients discover they’re overpaying on their direct debits or aren’t registered for the priority services they’re eligible for. Others have been wrongly disconnected from their gas or electricity supply or even switched to a prepayment meter without prior consultation.

How to get help

When you call the Southampton Healthy Homes team, they’ll ask you some questions about your income, health, property and personal living circumstances. This helps them get a really good understanding of your unique situation. From there, they’ll guide you towards the support you might be eligible for and will help you every step of the way.

A warm home is vital for our wellbeing, particularly for those whose health is affected by the cold. As well as helping to resolve complications with energy suppliers, the service can even tell you if you’re eligible for funding for solar panels, loft and wall insulation and other large measures that will help your home become more efficient all year round.

Almost all callers leave with information about support they didn’t know existed. Others leave with long-term financial savings and larger measures that keep their property warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Many unpaid carers will meet eligibility criteria that can lead to a more comfortable living environment. A call to the Environment Centre (tEC) really could unlock support services, financial savings and a more efficient and sustainable home in ways you didn’t think possible.

Call the team on their Freephone number: 0800 804 8601 or email keepwarm@environmentcentre.com to find out more about how Southampton Healthy Homes can help your household this winter.

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